Heder Neves de Souza – designer
BA, Visual Communication HEAD – University of Art and Design Geneva – 2008

Heder visual designer, with 19 years of professional experience in the eld of graphic and motion design in Europe and Brazil. He co-founded SEVEN, a visual design & communication studio based in Geneva and Florianopolis, specialized in brand identity strategy and e-reputation. Driven by zeitgeist observation, curiosity and empathy, their creative process focus on strong aesthetic and timeless designs.

In the past few years, Heder is naturally targeted his interests towards ethical design and growing his digital skills. He is giving digital design workshops at the Haut Ecole of Arts & Design in Geneva (HEAD) work for numerous NGOs and private sectors. Navigating between Brazil and Europe, he balances is professional and family life with his passion for yoga and surfing, he tries to fulfill his goals together with a lifestyle full of adventures, where everything is possible.

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